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1.     All club members are responsible for the enforcement of the field safety rules.

2.     All AMA safety rules are to be observed as posted.

3.     Only club members and AMA insured guests are permitted in the pit area.

4.     All children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times, and they are not permitted beyond the white chain fence.

5.     Flying is forbidden when anyone is present on the Vo. Tech. School fields for any reason including grass mowing.

6.     The club airspace is located between the pit area and the water tower. Flying over the school buildings is forbidden.

7.     All guest pilots must adhere to the rules and regulations of the Salem County R/C Airplane club.

8.     When multiple pilots are on the same frequency, the pilots shall equally share flying time.

9.     Pilots with gasoline-fueled aircraft shall have a working class B fire extinguisher as part of their support equipment (displayed). The inspection tag must be up to date.

10(a) Only 5 airplanes are allowed in the air at one time on main flight line with the exception of Park-flyers. At any time a non Park-flyer is in the air the 5-airplane rule will be in effect.


10(b) A Park-flyer, as defined by the Salem County RC Club, shall have no limits imposed on the number of said aircraft in the air at one time provided they are the only aircraft in the air over the main flight line. A “Mass Launch” shall be announced prior to exceeding 5 aircraft in the air. A mass launch will not be interrupted by aircraft of another classification. Common courtesy is asked of all pilots of all classifications.     

11.  The use of fuel catch bottles or towels is encouraged to reduce the amount of fuel spilled on the ground.

12.  Channel numbers are required and must be clearly displayed on all transmitters. Club channel pins must be clearly displayed when your transmitter is turned on.

13.  Any monoplane that weighs 10 Lbs. or more (dry) and has a wingspan of 80 inches or more must have an installed and operational Low Throttle Fail-Safe.

14.  Any multi-wing plane that weighs 10 Lbs. or more (dry) and has a wing(s) span of 60 inches or more must have an installed and operational Low Throttle Fail-Safe.

15.  All engines .10 cu or larger must be equipped with a muffler.

16.  No flying of any kind of turbine engine aircraft is permitted at the Salem County R/C club field.

17.  Any transmitters or receivers manufactured prior to 1991 shall comply with narrow band rules.

18.  Any one who enters the pilot intro program will have a 30 day trial to fly at the Salem County R/C field after 30 day trial He/She must then join the club to continue using the field. He/She must all so apply to the AMA after the 30 days.



 Frequency Control:


1.     Safe frequency control is the responsibility of each club member.

2.     All pilots shall obtain the proper frequency control pin from the frequency control board and insert their (original/current) AMA membership card into the pin slot, prior to turning on their transmitter.

3.     Upon completion of flight or an equipment checkout, the pilot shall ensure that all of his/her equipment is shut off. Completely collapse their transmitter antenna and return the frequency pin to the frequency board and remove their AMA card. 

4.     At certain events all transmitters shall be impounded.

5.     Under no circumstances may you turn on your transmitter before you are in possession of the proper frequency pin matching your transmitter.

6.     Pilots may only be in possession of one frequency pin at a time.

7.     2.4 GHz transmitters do not have to be impounded but still need a 2.4 GHz frequency pin from the pin box displayed on your transmitter.





1.     A new member who intends to fly unassisted must be qualified by a flight instructor.

2.     Guest pilots must be AMA insured and be accompanied by a qualified club member.

3.     All pilots shall stand on or next to a pilot station. Pilot stations are identified by the concrete blocks along the flight line.

4.     No flying shall take place while standing on the flying field without the permission of the club officer or instructor.

5.     Emergency and dead-stick landings have the right of way.

6.     Flying over or behind the pit area is forbidden.

7.     Aircraft engines shall only be started in the pit area.

8.     All planes shall be restrained by mechanical or assisted means when starting.

9.     Takeoffs and landings shall be made at the centerline of the field.




All club members and guests are responsible for removing their own trash, including broken props, plane sections from the field.

Aircraft remnants are to be taken home for disposal.





1.     No flying, taxiing (hovering) in the pit area.

2.     While flying pilots must stand on the flight line.

3.     At no time should a helicopter be hovered behind the flight line.




Last revised 7/16/17 – General added no turbine engines allowed #16.



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