Salem County R/C Club Inc.



Article I.  Admission and Initiation Fees.


Section I.  Membership shall occur by invitation only.

Any person desiring to join the club must be a current member of the AMA as per Article III section 3 of

the club’s constitution.


A)      Procedure


1.     He/she then must express their desire to an active club member in good standing, who

will act as his/her sponsor.

2.     The sponsor will introduce the prospective member to the club officers at a regular club


3.     (A) At the next regular club meeting, the club officers will vote on the new membership.

(B) A prospective new member that is in good standing at any of the local clubs of at

                                              least one full year can be voted into the club at a single meeting with their sponsor

                                              present.  Sponsor must be in good standing and a regular member of the Salem county

                                              R/C club.

4.     After a majority of the clubs officers signify their approval, the person will be invited into

the club.

5.     Upon receipt of a completed membership application, current initiation fee and payment

of dues and proof of AMA membership the person will then officially become a club


6.     The new member will then be given a copy of the club’s constitution, by-laws and field

rules as per Article III section 5b of the club’s constitution.

7.     It will then be the responsibility of the new club member to become familiar with the

club’s constitution, by-laws and field rules.

8.     Junior members must be sponsored by a member in good standing, who is willing to

accept responsibility for the junior member.

9.     Children of club members and non club members will not be required to join active membership until the age of fifteen, at which time they are eligible to become a junior member but must be a current AMA member. He/she must be accompanied by his/her parents (guardian) in any club activities.


Article II.  Membership


Section 1. Length and Type of Membership


             A) Honorary Membership

1.     Honorary Membership status can only be obtained by a membership vote at a club


2.     To obtain Honorary status the regular member has had to shone devotion to the club

and hobby.

3.     Honorary Members do not pay dues, may not fly and have no vote.

B) Regular Membership.

                1.    Membership will be yearly. The time frame will be from January 1st of the current year

                       to December 31st of the same year.

2.       New regular membership shall be sponsored for a period of one year by a regular

                        Member in good standing.


Section 2. Membership Privileges


A)      AMA senior members meeting qualification per Article 6 section b of the constitution shall be

  Eligible to hold any club office and may vote on any issue before the club.

B)      Junior Members

1.     Junior members may not hold any club office or vote on any club issues before the club

2.     Junior members have the right to express their opinion on any issue before the club at a

club meting.




 Section 3. Membership Requirements


             A) Each member shall be required to fulfill the requirements of the club’s constitution and by-

                  laws as per Article III section 5a of the club’s constitution.

             B) Each member is urged to read the AMA insurance policy and acquaint themselves with the

                  limits of coverage.

             C) Each member will be required to fill out (yearly) a club membership form, which will be

                  given out at the January meeting and must be returned with the payment of dues.

             D) All members are expected to pitch in and take an active part with any special event or activity

  that may be approved by a majority vote of club members present at any club meeting.




  Section 1.


A)      Regular members (18 years of age to the age of 64) shall pay the current full club dues.

B)      Regular members (65 years of age and older) shall pay the current discounted club dues.

C)      Junior members (under the age of 18) shall pay half of current full club dues.

D)      Dues are payable no later than the March meeting. Dues must be kept up to date in order to

  Retain membership in good standing.

E)      Non-payment of club dues will constitute termination of club membership.

F)       If any previous member desires to rejoin the club membership, he/she is required to go

  through the membership procedure per Article I section 1 of the by-laws

G)      Any new member who joins the club from Jan 1st thru Aug 31st will pay full price for dues plus a $20.00 initiation. Anyone joining the club Sept 1st   thru Dec 31st dues will be waived for the remaining months as long as the new member pays for the following year’s membership in full plus a $20.00 initiation fee.

                H) The club will wave dues for club members or dues and initiation fee for new members who

                      are in the military being deployed for active duty for as long as he/she is deployed.


   Section 2.  Additional Assessments


A)      Special assessments may be levied to cover club requirements.

B)      The assessment must be approved by the majority vote of regular members present at any


C)      Once the club members approve the additional assessment, it would be binding for all paying



Article IV:  Membership Compliance and Termination


    Section 1.  Compliance


A)      Any member who willingly fails to comply with any article or section of the club’s

  constitution, by-laws and field rules, shall be subject to termination from the club pending

  unanimous approval of the club officers.

B)      Before a club member can be terminated, the member will be permitted to give reasons for

  his/her actions to the club officers at a regular scheduled club meeting.

C)      Before arriving at a termination decision, the club officers will take into consideration the

  members’ explanation for his/her actions.

D)      If a member is terminated, the club’s secretary will notify him/her in writing.


     Section 2.  Termination


A)      Voluntary, by resignation either verbal or in writing to the President.

B)      Involuntary, due to non-payment of dues or by the vote of the club officers, for flagrant or

  continued violations of the club rules or regulations or of club principles to the detriment of

  the club and/or the hobby.

C)      Failure to retain a current membership with AMA.


  Article V:  Officers


                      A)    The officers shall approve all bills of $25.00 or more.

                      B)    Checking accounts shall have the signature of either the President, Vice President

                           Secretary or Treasurer.

      C)      The President shall appoint all committees.



  Article VI:  Field Rules


A)       Current Field Rules are to be considered a part of these by-laws.

B)       Continued infractions of the field rules shall be considered a sufficient cause for a board

                                   decision to terminate the offending member from the club.


   Article VII:  Conduct


A)       The use of profanity or any unsportsman like conduct may be considered grounds for

   termination of membership.

B)       Children’s conduct is the responsibility of the member or person bring them to the field.   

C)       Pets are not permitted on the flying field or in the pit area.        


   Article VIII: Interference       


                     1)    The club as a group will not be responsible for any damage inflicted upon the aircraft of a

                             member or guest which is caused by the willful or negligent action of another member or



    Article IX:  Liability


A)        Damage caused to a members aircraft or field support equipment by a fellow members

aircraft, guest, children, ect is the responsibility of the fellow member.

B)        Members responsible for damage will lose flying privileges until damages are rectified.


    Article X: Pilot Training and Club Safety


A)         The purpose of this policy is to provide a means whereby a new member may learn to fly in a

     Safe and competent manner and to provide a measure of safety for club members.

B)         The student pilot program and it’s requirements shall be as approved by the club’s board





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